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Arte Apotista

Founder and principal exponent of Apotism and Apotist Art was Salvador Aulestia.

Apotismo is a name derived from Apotelesmatica (the Apotelesmatica is in the plane of the Telesma, which indicates gnosis, transcendental or perfect knowledge).

Apotismo as a concept of art is not a preliminary to painting, sculpture, architecture and poetry, rather a Cosmosemiological notion: Cosmo=mathematical order, Semiology=symbolic order; in practice, astronomical law combined with that of the symbol.

Apotismo represents the shortest distance between the idea and the expression: it is the eternal art in essence or eternal essence of the art and it has as axiom the following theoretical message: "Margherita contemplating the sea, the sun and an old man who contemplates the sea and the sun, but the sea, the sun and the old, without Margherita have no reality".

Nietzsche in "Thus spoke Zarathustra", it make him says while contemplating the rising sun: "How great you are, but if it were not for me contemplating You, You would not be anything" .1

Margaret is the "contemplative" magical element that legalizes the sea, the sun and the old man. "The femininity - says Nietzsche - is the counterpart of the utopian aspect of reality: all that remains of magic." In the Apotismo Margherita represents just this type of femininity. The axiom "Margherita contemplating the sea" is the Cubic Stone of the Apotismo.