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Historical data

The Apotismo was presented  to the public in Barcelona on May 15 of the year 1965 in the Hall of the Patio of the old Hospital de Santa Cruz, currently Sala Art of Ecc.mo Ayuntamiento of Barcelona. Was presented at the "XI Salon de Mayo" in a special room reserved exclusively for the exhibition of art Apotista (furniture-sculpture), an event held under the patronage dell'Ayuntamiento of Barcelona.

The event was organized by the Association of Artistas Actuales. Guest of honor was the Minister of Information and Tourism, Manuel Fraga Iribarne, who wanted to sit, albeit unofficially, the Silla Condal (a title that evokes the Re-Counts of Catalonia) sculpture which is now in the Museum of Art Modern Barcelona and was awarded a gold medal at the Prix Hermanos Serra established by the Ministry of Information and Tourism.

Presided over the event, the art critic Saints Suros, Rei and Polo Pan Olle. Included Carlos Antonio Arean (Madrid) Commissioner of the Biennale Hispano Americana; Aguilera Cerni (Valencia) director of the Biennale Hispano Americana. Members of honor were: Alejandro Cirici Pellicer Academic High School of Fine Arts San Jorge, Juan Ramon Masoliver Secretary of the Ibero American Biennial; Cesaro Gonzales Aguilera critic official Salon de Mayo. Attended by numerous journalists Catalan and some titles in Madrid and the place occupied many pages of newspapers.